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Hey gang, the site might go through some growing pains whilst I try to make it all pretty and new. Me no know how to computer, so if it looks weird, trust me…I know! It will only be temporary, I hope. Thanks for your patience!


hello hello

Hi, I’m not dead! And neither is the comic! That’s good. Also good: I fixed the comments, sorry it was all weird and prohibitive for a while there. The Internet, amirite?

Now, there is some…well, not bad news, exactly. More like aw, dang news. That is: for the time being, I can only update RPG once a week, so it’ll now update on Mondays only. I’d rather cut the weekly doses and keep it flowing than get overwhelmed and shut down completely! Once I get some projects off my plate and/or under control, I should be able to upgrade the out put to at least two days. Thanks for hanging in there, kitties!


a wee break- updated

Hey gang, sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger, but I’ve got a ton of work to catch up on this week…so RPG will return next Monday, September 30! Wednesday, October 9th!

I know it stinks! But between the inking gig I have right now (super time-consuming), gearing up for SHOCKtober over at my horror blog, and trying to catch up on outstanding commissions, etc, I am swamped. The gang is gonna have to hold off the plague-infested horde for another week or so.



page 173

Thought I’d give a little peek behind the curtain, as it were, regarding page 173, wherein B’lue nibbles Queen Hx’llinzh’yxan to death. There are some Dragon Age: Origins spoilers, but what the heck that game is almost five years old now.

You see, this battle went much the way things went when I fought Flemeth in DA: O many moons ago. I was woefully unprepared for that fight- first, I wasn’t expecting a fight at all. Second, I certainly wasn’t expecting Flemeth to transform from witchy old swamp hag into an effing fire-breathing dragon, but she did…and man, did she kick my butt.


As I panicked in the WTFery of it all, she dropped nearly my entire party in quick succession. I simply couldn’t cast healing spells or chug potions fast enough. Everyone got a face full of fire and collapsed in a useless heap…except for Peanut, my faithful Mabari hound. Taking control of the big, burly dog, I ran around behind Flemeth. She kicked Peanut in the face every once in a while, but her burning breath was no longer a problem. Peanut proceeded to chomp…chomp…chomp his way to victory. It took forever. It was an ignominious defeat for the mighty Witch of the Wilds, and, truth be told, a rather embarrassing victory for my party. But, in both the swamps of Ferelden and those of Hyberia, a victory is a victory, yes?

And so the forces of evil shall fear our noms!


join ussss

Hey guys, so I’m scanning stuff for and working on the RPG sketchbook, which will be full of behind-the-scenes goodies, uh…sketches, and weird random stuff like this page below. I’ll let you know when it’s ready and waiting (duh).


Also, have you “like”d RPG on Facebook yet? You should! It’s easy! Unless you’re not on Facebook, in which case it might be a bit of a pain! But still. Let’s go over there and talk about stuff, oh yeah!



Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I am taking a little break and RPG will return on Monday, April 1. That ain’t no joke!

Here is something you can do in the meantime: drool over this RPG pinup by Renae De Liz. That’s pretty much what I’ll be doing. See you April 1st!


Holidays, voting, and stuff!

So if you read page 140, you may have noticed that once again…A CHOICE MUST BE MADE. Will the party kill the Paranoia Demon, or let it live to see another day? The course of action, friendos, is up to you. Here is a poll for voting! Also, feel free to hash out your reasoning here in the comments or on RPG‘s Facebook page. I do so love a good debate.


  • Let it live!
  • Finish it!

The poll will close on…January 3rd? I think? Which brings me to my second point:

RPG and I are going on a holiday break, and we’ll return on Monday, January 7th. I need to catch up on soooooo much work you would not believe it…including the frickin’ printed edition of this comic, geez. So. VOTE! And tune in come next year (!!!) to find out the results of The Choosening and how it plays out. Hooray!

And don’t worry. “Next year” sounds so far away but it’ll be here before you know it. In the meantime, have a great…well, whatever it is you celebrate or don’t celebrate. And as always, thanks so very much for reading! You guys are the best.



Sorry for the lack of updates; I am currently Photoshop-less and likely will be through the weekend. I hope to resume new pages on Monday. As of now I am powerless! Unless I can somehow make photocopies of the raw art and send out carrier pigeons or something…no. NO. I will not do that. It would end in at least seven disasters.