If you followed the RPG Kickstarter campaign, then you know that one thing I have in the works is an RPG sketchbook, likely 48 pages. Part of this will be art from artists who are not me- people like Brent Schoonover, Renae De Liz, and more…and maybe even YOU! Or someone you know!

That’s right, this is a call for entries: I want RPG pinups. Style doesn’t matter. Greyscale or B & W is preferred. The deadline is Monday, March 19. Send links or low-res files to me at stacieponder @ gmail . com with “RPG PINUP” in the subject line. Ten will be chosen for the sketchbook, and every entry will be displayed here on the site with a link to your webpage (so provide one!). The ten winners will receive a copy of the sketchbook as thanks.

So there you go! Interpret any character(s) from RPG as you will- scroll down see how other artists have done it. Should be fun. I’m super excited to see what everyone does with my bebehs. :) Hit me up if you have any questions- email is good, and so is Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook.

EDITED TO ADD: I’m not approving artists for this- if you want to draw a pinup, go ahead and send it in! If you don’t want to do it, that’s totally understandable…but you don’t need an “okay” from me to draw an RPG pinup and submit it. Sorry if that was unclear at all.

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