Page 85 needs YOUR help!

So hey, see that last panel of page 84 up there? You know, this panel?

Well, I’m leaving Alyth’s choice totally up to you guys. Voting will remain open for 24 hours, and then on Wednesday you’ll see the result magically appear in comic form. How interactive! How Choose Your Own Adventure!

Should Alyth lie to Untfit’s husband, continuing the tale she wove about the gang rescuing her from Forzan? Or should Alyth tell Untfit’s husband the truth- that Untfit wanted to run away with Forzan, believing him to be a playwright who would make her a famous actress? Weigh the potential repercussions of each option and then cast your vote!

3 thoughts on “Page 85 needs YOUR help!

  1. I say lie. He didn’t have the stones to go get her himself. And clearly he is used to being lied to. She will probably leave him soon anyway. Harsh, I know. Lie and hope for a nice reward (not sure if B’lue is wanting any pocket hams just yet though).

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