Holidays, voting, and stuff!

So if you read page 140, you may have noticed that once again…A CHOICE MUST BE MADE. Will the party kill the Paranoia Demon, or let it live to see another day? The course of action, friendos, is up to you. Here is a poll for voting! Also, feel free to hash out your reasoning here in the comments or on RPG‘s Facebook page. I do so love a good debate.


  • Let it live!
  • Finish it!

The poll will close on…January 3rd? I think? Which brings me to my second point:

RPG and I are going on a holiday break, and we’ll return on Monday, January 7th. I need to catch up on soooooo much work you would not believe it…including the frickin’ printed edition of this comic, geez. So. VOTE! And tune in come next year (!!!) to find out the results of The Choosening and how it plays out. Hooray!

And don’t worry. “Next year” sounds so far away but it’ll be here before you know it. In the meantime, have a great…well, whatever it is you celebrate or don’t celebrate. And as always, thanks so very much for reading! You guys are the best.

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