10 thoughts on “page one hundred forty

  1. Ahem. Since I see nobody else giving a rant on their choice, I shall. Some of you may feel pity on this demon, that is foolish. Demons are by nature evil (not saying its impossible for their to be a good demon, but even in stories this is rare). This particular demon has caused the death of at least one man, and who knows how many others have fallen prey to his trickery. He tried to force our heroes to fight to the death for his amusement. If they allow this creature to live, what would the creature do with the life they spared? Most likely find a way to gain revenge on our heroes, or go back to less risky murders like the merchant. Rahl163s two cents.

  2. I can’t wait for everyone to say FATALITY! (Sorry if it’s spelled wrong) P.S Why would you let something that toyed with you live?

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