blast off!

Today is the day Womanthology: Space #1 hits stands at your local comic shop, aw yeah! The anthology features the debut of my newest comic, Space Girls. It’ll soon be launching (HA HA LAUNCHING) as a webcomic, but for now you can check it out alongside some kickass space stories by the likes of Ming Doyle, Bonnie Burton, Stephanie Hans, and more.


An archive…it’s about time!

Y’AL, GUESS WHAT. There is finally an RPG archive, YEAH! t shouldn’t have taken me so long to get one going, but I kept trying to find a shortcut- a plugin or some such- but it seems this template of mine is incompatible with EVERYTHING. Sooo, I finally just took tedious matters into my own hand, and behold. It’s right up top under the header.

Wow, isn’t this post a fascinating glimpse behind the RPG curtain? I KNOW.

please hold a moment

Guys! Sorry for the lack of new strips this week; I’ve taken a +10 penalty to LIFE. There will be a brand-spankin’ new page on FRIDAY, though, so don’t fret too much. I know, you have to wait two more days…but two more days is almost here already!



Page 85 needs YOUR help!

So hey, see that last panel of page 84 up there? You know, this panel?

Well, I’m leaving Alyth’s choice totally up to you guys. Voting will remain open for 24 hours, and then on Wednesday you’ll see the result magically appear in comic form. How interactive! How Choose Your Own Adventure!

Should Alyth lie to Untfit’s husband, continuing the tale she wove about the gang rescuing her from Forzan? Or should Alyth tell Untfit’s husband the truth- that Untfit wanted to run away with Forzan, believing him to be a playwright who would make her a famous actress? Weigh the potential repercussions of each option and then cast your vote!

This weekend!

Hey everyone, just a heads up: I’ll be at Boston Comic-Con this weekend, sitting in on the Womanthology panel on Saturday and setting up and sketching at the Womanthology booth…at some point. I’ll be posting times on Twitter, so follow me there if’n you want to know. If you’re going to be around at the show, find me and say hi! I promise it will be awkward.



Hey guys, guess what? In celebration of nothing in particular, I have decided to publish RPG on Fridays as well. Yes, this means three new pages per week! It’s like dreams are coming true, amirite?

A cover! Maybe

So page 62 highlights the strategy I employ most often in tough battles, boss or otherwise: run around the enemy in a wide circle and hit ‘em when you can! I mean, you should see how ridiculous my Hawke looks fighting the Arishok in Dragon Age II. Run in circles, Hawke…run in circles! Very noble.

Anyway, I was playing around and this may be a rough version of the cover to the forthcoming RPG sketchbook! Yup, it’s an homage to John Buscema’s cover for Red Sonja v2 #1. And now you know.

Oh! Don’t forget about the ongoing call for pinups for your chance to get published in said sketchbook!

Sorry, my brain is kind of all over the place right now because it’s overwhelmed with excitement for the imminent release of Mass Effect 3.